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17 Oct

T0day’s Indie: The Fear / Ben Howard (Moonlight Matters rework)

‘oh I will become what I deserve’

I apologize for my lapse in posts, but it has been a big week with Treasure Island Music festival, my birthday, and big announcements on their way. To make up for it here is a great ‘rework’ of Ben Howard’s The Fear done by Belgium’s Moonlight Matters, aka,¬†Sebastiaan Vandevoorde. MM ups the tempo on the track, giving it a great pace and artful twists without undoing Ben’s original work. His retake on the song is reminding me of the subtle but skilled work of RAC.

I’ve been worrying that my time is a little unclear
I’ve been worrying that I’m losing the one’s I hold dear
I’ve been worrying that we all live our lives in the confines of fear

When I listen to this song it makes me want to do something, anything. Here’s to not living life in the fear. #indie/tory


a different kind of moonlight

7 Nov

Hard to head back to work after a one day weekend. Music to the rescue.

Today’s Emo: Passions of a Different Kind / Flashguns

‘come on, come on / because we can do this all night long’

Some solid vocally driven rock to slip into the workweek with.¬†Passions of a Different Kind and Flashgun’s album of the same name have been getting steady playtime all weekend, and I am getting a the Kooks meets a tad of Frightened Rabbit vibe from the UK trio. Passions stirred. #emo

Today’s Untz: You Don’t Want to Dance with Me / Monarchy ft. Britt Love (Moonlight Matters remix)

‘how do I get you to feel what I feel for you’

The original version of this song is magical but this remix is through the roof. Moonlight Matters feels like an appropriate moniker for our remix artist– there is something dark night on a backroad sounding worked into the sound. #untz