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a different kind of moonlight

7 Nov

Hard to head back to work after a one day weekend. Music to the rescue.

Today’s Emo: Passions of a Different Kind / Flashguns

‘come on, come on / because we can do this all night long’

Some solid vocally driven rock to slip into the workweek with. Passions of a Different Kind and Flashgun’s album of the same name have been getting steady playtime all weekend, and I am getting a the Kooks meets a tad of Frightened Rabbit vibe from the UK trio. Passions stirred. #emo

Today’s Untz: You Don’t Want to Dance with Me / Monarchy ft. Britt Love (Moonlight Matters remix)

‘how do I get you to feel what I feel for you’

The original version of this song is magical but this remix is through the roof. Moonlight Matters feels like an appropriate moniker for our remix artist– there is something dark night on a backroad sounding worked into the sound. #untz

flashguns & robots

24 Oct

Saturday’s Bridge School Benefit Concert was my favorite yet. Last year’s miserable deluge was traded in for sun, I found myself rocking out to Carlos Santana (blame the whiskey?), Beck pleased the crowd with a string of tracks off of Sea Change and Mumford and Sons were on everyone’s lips by the end of the evening. I love the feeling live music can evoke in me of being removed from everything and completely centered at the same time.

Today’s Emo: Heat & Fire / Flashguns

‘if I give myself away / will you buy a piece of me everyday’

Coming across a music blog that you really like is like when you meet a new friend and totally hit it off; there is a thrill of the potential that lies ahead between the two of you. Perhaps I feel this way because I found the blog I am currently smitten over via my friend Asanka setting me and its author, Venya, up via a facebook intro. I am so thankful that he did, because it is rare that I find a blog that I enjoy both listening to and reading to so much…  beatrixtapes is filled with layers of awesome chillwave dance and indie, with thoughtful musings and reviews nestled amidst the tracks.

One of my favorite discoveries so far is Flashguns, a British indie rock trio who released their debut full length album, Passions of a Different Kind, this month. I am just starting to wrap my head around the album and their sound, but an initial take has me getting a The Kooks meet Cold War Kids meet Fleet Foxes kind of vibe. Yes please. Heat & Fire is one of my favorite tracks thus far, edgy but easy on the ears, steady but with surprises. #emo

Today’s Untz: The Girl and the Robot / Royksopp ft. Robyn 

‘you never seem to know when to stop / I never know when you’ll return / I’m in love with a robot’ 

While I was busy chilling at Bridge School, my best friend Nicole spent the weekend in LA dancing her face off to Royksopp, my favorite Norwegian two headed monster of untz, and the one and only Robyn. I know I can’t have it all, but still find myself beyond jealous to miss out on such a killer combo live. Nicole said they teared it up and played their two collaborations together — None of Dem and today’s untz about a relationship with serious work/life balance problems. If I close my eyes with the speakers up, I can almost imagine it going down. #untz