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reaching close

16 Jan

Today The Untz and the Emo turns one! Get out the champagne! Keeping the blog up for the last year has been a challenge, but a labor of love, and TUATE has come a long way since my very first post. Here’s to another year of dancing your face off, and chilling.

Today’s Emo: Feel So Close / Jenna Garcia (Calvin Harris remix)

‘and there’s no stopping us right now / I feel so close to you right now’

Sleepy Monday morning stripped down slow jam… Jenna Garcia takes Calvin Harris’ don’t stop moving Feel So Close and turns it into something to curl up into. I came across Jenna and this track via earmilk, where I was surprised to learn she is a seventeen year old who has never stepped into a recording studio but is doing the whole YouTube thing. Even though this song is extremely simple, I see a lot of promise here just like in another young cover songstress, Birdy. #emo

Today’s Untz: Reaching Out / Nero (Fred Falke remix)

‘reaching out / for something to hold’

The boyfriend has ditched tumblr and carried out a relaunch of his own blog, It is in a word celestial. Check it out, I am totally not biased. Today’s untz is pulled right from its opening week:

‘Fred Falke is a falkeing genius… sorry had to. He takes Nero’s mashup up of an old Kano tune + a Hall and Oats tune and turns a dubstep song into a french house masterpiece.  This is such an uplifting tune. Nero’s version isn’t bad, but I guarantee if you dropped both on the d floor, Fred Falke’s would send the crowd into a sweaty frenzy. Epic sunsets all around.’ #untz


disarm promises

24 Jun

It is almost the end of June and I am left wondering where the month went. Throughout early life, we define the passing of time by our academic years. The six years of pre-adolscence get lumped into one’s elementary school period, then the three awkward in between years of middle school, followed by two rounds of being freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors. Suddenly we emerge from it all and have no way to qualify our time, no freshman fall to refer to or that really wild spring of junior year. All we have are the growing number of years between us and our academic based selves, and the changing of seasons and coming of holidays to keep time.

I suppose I am now entering the summer before my senior year of being an adult. I tend to fair well as a senior, having picked up on things along the way, so this should be a good thing. But then what… super seniors foreverz?

Today’s Emo: Disarm (Smashing Pumpkins cover) / The Civil Wars

‘I used to be a little boy / so old in my shoes’

As I mentioned, Civil Wars really brought a show to the Great American Music Hall on Sunday night, and I heard Saturday’s sold out show was equally as dazzling. The Music Hall is a perfect venue… grandiose and intimate at the same time, with a sprawling domed ceiling and wrap around balcony, it is big enough to accommodate a solid crowd, but boosts acoustics that make you have to whisper and try to hide coughs during guitar strums. A great backdrop for the delightful banter and beautiful americana that Joy and John Paul delivered, the duo managed to make their original songs sound even better than the studio recordings, and also delivered two covers: Billy Jean and Disarm.

A folky Billy Jean was loads of fun, but they made Disarm their own… respecting its sanctity but stripping it down and weaving arching harmonies with gentle guitar while quietly building the chorus into something epic yet hushed. Chills. A really special moment that I have been reliving all week. This recording is from a prior show, but does the experience justice. Enjoy. #emo

Today’s Untz: Promises / Nero ft. Sub Focus

‘you got me so high / don’t you see it in my eyes’

England untz forces unite to present Promises: a little drum and bass, a little dubstep, and a lot of fun. Nero and Sub Focus’ track exudes energy, packing a lot of punch while still being totally easy to listen to. Volume down, charges me through the work day / volume up, time to play… a perfect Friday find. Check out the heavier, tougher stronger version a la Skrillex for all those that like it a little harder. #untz