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plastic bicycles

17 Feb

My boyfriend gave me the most romantic Valentines Day gift of my life: a box of shinny new custom made The Untz and the Indie t-shirts!  Going to rock these at Coachella this year and quickly garner several hundred thousand more listeners who dance their faces off, or chill. ❤

Today’s Indie: What You Want / Bombay Bicycle Club

What You Want / Bombay Bicycle Club

‘trying to keep a face up tonight / even when the guy’s got you right / coming off the wrong side, you know / oh you force it all’

Saw BBC play the Rickshaw Stop last night, and while I am the sleepiest cat on the block today, the boys put on a great show, highlighting a lot of songs from their newest album, A Different Kind of Fix. What You Want is a more somber track than their shake inducing single, Shuffle, but I found it the most striking. There is a Frightened Rabbit / Fleet Foxes vibe to opening vocals, which gives way to something with a bite to it, and I like the way echoed lyrics give the impression of a round in a lot of their stuff. Coffee please. #indie

Today’s Untz: Our Perfect Disease / The Wombats (Plastic Plates remix)

‘it was the perfect disease we had / something to argue and scream about / who can I see about contracting it back?’

For my next musical adventure and in my quest to balance my inner untz and indie, I am going to see Plastic Plates at the Mezz next Friday. Futuristic space disco, I am ready to dance my face off to you. Here is a fun little remix of The Wombats from him.  #untz


fire wax and wire

29 Jul

Today’s tracks both come from the influence of friends… one of my favorite attributes of music is how easily and happily it is both given and received. I am homeward bound to Oregon this morning for a long weekend, ready to escape for the annual beer fest, mountains, family, and friends. The happiest of Fridays.

Today’s Emo: Wax and Wire / Loch Lomond

‘I’m helplessly needless and needless to say I owe you’

My friend Chris who is usually an untzer tipped me off on this great indie a couple of weeks ago, and I have been listening steadily since. I love the music box intro, that the song fearlessly takes a moment to break and rebuild in the middle, and the way the words want to make something broken whole again. With a little research I was even more delighted to discover the six-piece band is from Oregon, although they are mysteriously named after a lake in Scotland. #emo

Today’s Untz: Set Fire to the Rain / Adele (Plastic Plates remix)

‘but there’s a side to you / that I never knew, never knew / all the things you’d say / they were never true, never true’

Another untz pulled from my friend Tom’s Blogjuice, where he has succinctly summed the track up in his description:  ‘Sexy voice + Sexy Beat = Sex.’ Well done. Sydney turned Los Angeles transplant Plastic Plates preserves the sincere angst of Adele’s ballad, while upping the tempo to something more engaging and movable. Dish it up. #untz