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plastic bicycles

17 Feb

My boyfriend gave me the most romantic Valentines Day gift of my life: a box of shinny new custom made The Untz and the Indie t-shirts!  Going to rock these at Coachella this year and quickly garner several hundred thousand more listeners who dance their faces off, or chill. ❤

Today’s Indie: What You Want / Bombay Bicycle Club

What You Want / Bombay Bicycle Club

‘trying to keep a face up tonight / even when the guy’s got you right / coming off the wrong side, you know / oh you force it all’

Saw BBC play the Rickshaw Stop last night, and while I am the sleepiest cat on the block today, the boys put on a great show, highlighting a lot of songs from their newest album, A Different Kind of Fix. What You Want is a more somber track than their shake inducing single, Shuffle, but I found it the most striking. There is a Frightened Rabbit / Fleet Foxes vibe to opening vocals, which gives way to something with a bite to it, and I like the way echoed lyrics give the impression of a round in a lot of their stuff. Coffee please. #indie

Today’s Untz: Our Perfect Disease / The Wombats (Plastic Plates remix)

‘it was the perfect disease we had / something to argue and scream about / who can I see about contracting it back?’

For my next musical adventure and in my quest to balance my inner untz and indie, I am going to see Plastic Plates at the Mezz next Friday. Futuristic space disco, I am ready to dance my face off to you. Here is a fun little remix of The Wombats from him.  #untz


catcall club

19 Oct

Short and sweet, but with love.

Today’s Emo: Video Games / Bombay Bicycle Club (Lana Del Rey Cover)

‘I tell you all the time / heaven is a place on earth with you / tell me all the things you want to do’

The boys of Bombay Bicycle Club take one of my favorite songs of the year on a ride, turning Lana Del Rey’s breakout Video Games into a slow, dreamy heartfelt duet with the help of Lucy Rose. I love that they brought her in for the girl parts that would sound weird coming from a guy, but still own their part in its own right. The lead singer of BBC reminds me of Arcade Fire’s Win Butler with a slight Kermit the Frog tinge in his voice, in a good way. A song with such romantic devotion seems best played by two; Video Games are more fun with company. I love this song. #emo

Today’s Untz: Satellites / Catcall

‘deep breath and fill your lungs / and say it / say it’

Some funky, feel good 80’s inspired electro-pop to ease away Wednesday blues. Satellites is the first single off Australian artist Catcall’s upcoming LP debut, Warmest Place, due early 2012. I have had the track on steady repeat since initial discovery. The catchiest of choruses lead to the happiest of cats. #untz

2 hearts club

2 May

This weekend I celebrated the coming of May with the smell of sun kissed skin, 70 degree weather, mimosas, and Dolores Park. In return, earned some stellar tan lines and the inability to rally myself off the couch Saturday night to make it out, instead slipping into a late spring eleven hour slumber.

Then I rinsed and repeated in Fort Mason on Sunday.

Time to reboot, to watch Giants games, to play outside, to catch the dozens of amazing concerts passing through SF, and to pretend that summer is as cool as it was when we were young and had 3 months to do absolutely whatever we wanted between school years. I should have been a teacher.

Today’s Emo: Always Like This / Bombay Bicycle Club

‘oh she can wait for what I can give’

I love that the internet is filled with nooks and crannies holding amazing music of years past just waiting to be discovered and listened to as new. Bombay Bicycle Club is a British band that has been around for some time now but has just come across my path and I am really feeling them. Crisp vocals, fun rounds and toe tapping rhythm– they have a slightly more mellow and less polished Two Door Cinema Club sound. The quad is at work with the producer of Animal Collective and the mixer of Arcade Fire to release a new album come September. This time I will catch it the first time around. #emo

Today’s Emo: 2 Hearts / Digitalism

‘a touch too much, too soon / got cast away with you / got cast away with you’

German duo Digitalism delivers a track laced with happy, peppy beats and a depressing tale of unrequited love. Love the 80’s vibe, the slightly jarring sound, and the darker premise embedded in the untz.

This is the first I have heard of Digitalism, but they are about to release their sophomore album amazingly titled I Love You Dude. Euro bromance! #untz