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all my swedish friends

11 Apr

All my training translated into a happy, beautiful half marathon along the coast. Now running fever has turned into desert fever. Get me to Coachella! Four days.

Today’s Emo: All My Friends / LCD Soundsytem

‘you spent the first five years trying to get with the plan / and the next five years trying to be with your friends again’

So sad that LCD played their last show together a couple of weeks ago in NYC. Gearing up for their performance last year, this was our Coachella 2010 anthem, often on repeat during the 8.5 hour drive down to Indio which became 12 hours due to traffic, pit stops, and 2 hours in line for car searches once we arrived at the campground. Now whenever I am drunk and near a jukebox, it is my go to pick… the start of tinkering keys in the intro make me smile every time.

What a perfect set of lyrics and the perfect kind of sentiment to settle into for three days of revelry, dirt, desert, and forgetting everything outside of the circle of amazing people and the music you get lost in out there.

I wouldn’t trade one stupid decision for another five years of life.

Today’s Untz: One (Swedish House Mafia Cover) /  Foals

‘I wanna know your name / you just kill me, could you do that?’

I know Foals for their beautiful, gentle, rolling emo opus Spanish Sahara. The UK  indie band and the gods that make up Swedish House Mafia have little in common, and that’s what makes this cover so fun. I think back to when I got upset Butch Clancy injected dubstep into an untouchable emo song, Band of Horses’ Funeral. Well, here is an emo band taking on an untouchable untz song and rocking it, while sending me straight back to the original on repeat. Will be seeing both Foals and Axwell of Swedish House Mafia next weekend, dancing my face off. #untz