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save my body

27 May

Great indie band name ideas: Cuddle Wars. Airplane Breakfast. Sleeper Car.  Slow Feather. Kitten Brigade. Lazy Panda.

You heard it here first. I am off to Vegas, signing out til Wednesday. Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Today’s Emo: My Body / Young the Giant (Two Door Cinema Club remix)

‘my body tells me no / but I wont quit ’cause I want more / ’cause I want more

My Body offers an apropos selection of lyrics before I head off to dance my face off in the desert to both Tiesto and Deadmau5. What a weekend ahead of me… I am not as young as I used to be. Funky fun Two Door beats plus smoking Young the Giant vocals makes for the perfect Friday-before-a-three-day-weekend-of-revelry indie jam. Rinse and repeat, cause I want more. #emo

Today’s Untz: Til Silvia Saves the World / Kap Slap (Swedish House Mafia vs. Miike Snow vs. Britney Spears)

‘watch me move when I lose / when I lose it hard’

Toss Swedish House Mafia, Miike Snow, and the ex-queen of pop in a blender and the result is this play inducing mash up dripping in sugar, best served in a red Solo cup. Til Silvia Saves the World  sounds like it came straight from the strobe lit floors of Bootie SF. A delightful mix of lots of oooh oooh and uh uh uh noises and clever plays of layering vocals (‘who’s going to save the world tonight’ / ‘we’ll keep dancing til the world ends‘)…. I am guiltily drinking it up. #untz


save the cat

27 Apr

Stumbled onto open mic night Tuesdays at Red Devil Lounge due to making drunk friends with a local musician last weekend. Will not miss another… and not just because the crowd was 90% male in plaid. I forgot how lucky I am to live in a big city – it was like a high school talent show for grown ups. Very talented grown ups.

Today’s Emo: I Found a Reason / Cat Power

‘what comes is better than what came before’

I popped an old mixed CD in the Honda last weekend while driving to Los Gatos with my sister and was taken by this almost forgotten subtle Cat Power cover of Velvet Underground that had been gathering dust. There is not much too it – the track clocks in at about 2 minutes and is simple at best, but CP’s version of I Found a Reason is the kind of song that instantly puts you at ease and makes you want to curl up into something (or someone).

I caught Cat Power (less fun non-stage name Chan Marshall) live at a Bridge School Concert a few years back and I don’t remember her being particularly stunning in terms of presence –I think she struggles with stage fright. Still, her voice is enough to carry her… smoky, sultry and sweet without being gooey. Female vocals at their finest, perfect midweek chill sesh. #emo

Today’s Untz: Save the World Tonight / Swedish House Mafia

‘turn up the love now/ listen up now/ turn up the love’

SHM released a new track this week featuring the vocal prowess of John Martin of Miike Snow and I am shamelessly floored. This delightful untz drips of boy band and makes me want to dance like fifteen year old me wanted to dance to N’Sync.

I love the piano break, love the oooh-oooooh echos for singalong like in Kings of Leon’s Use Somebody (favorite karoke song), love that this epic euro untz is somehow earnest amidst all the cheese. Can always count on Pete Tong / BBC Radio 1 to put magic like this on the airwaves.

Oooh-oooooh. #untz

all my swedish friends

11 Apr

All my training translated into a happy, beautiful half marathon along the coast. Now running fever has turned into desert fever. Get me to Coachella! Four days.

Today’s Emo: All My Friends / LCD Soundsytem

‘you spent the first five years trying to get with the plan / and the next five years trying to be with your friends again’

So sad that LCD played their last show together a couple of weeks ago in NYC. Gearing up for their performance last year, this was our Coachella 2010 anthem, often on repeat during the 8.5 hour drive down to Indio which became 12 hours due to traffic, pit stops, and 2 hours in line for car searches once we arrived at the campground. Now whenever I am drunk and near a jukebox, it is my go to pick… the start of tinkering keys in the intro make me smile every time.

What a perfect set of lyrics and the perfect kind of sentiment to settle into for three days of revelry, dirt, desert, and forgetting everything outside of the circle of amazing people and the music you get lost in out there.

I wouldn’t trade one stupid decision for another five years of life.

Today’s Untz: One (Swedish House Mafia Cover) /  Foals

‘I wanna know your name / you just kill me, could you do that?’

I know Foals for their beautiful, gentle, rolling emo opus Spanish Sahara. The UK  indie band and the gods that make up Swedish House Mafia have little in common, and that’s what makes this cover so fun. I think back to when I got upset Butch Clancy injected dubstep into an untouchable emo song, Band of Horses’ Funeral. Well, here is an emo band taking on an untouchable untz song and rocking it, while sending me straight back to the original on repeat. Will be seeing both Foals and Axwell of Swedish House Mafia next weekend, dancing my face off. #untz