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east sunlight

8 Apr

The head versus the heart.

Today’s Emo: Blood / The Middle East

‘and she’ll wake up in a cold sweat on the floor / next to a family portrait drawn when you were four’

Holy shit this is emo. In fact, if you listen to the words in Blood, it is arguably the most emo song I have yet to post. It is also one of the most beautiful, tracing the sad lineage of a sibling to a father to a grandfather, who has waited to die ever since his wife died because… ‘it was the only woman you ever loved / that got burnt by the sun too often when she was young / and the cancer spread and it ran into her body and her blood.’

Australian The Middle East creates such bone chilling songs with such a sweet sound, and this makes them all the more haunting. A song that lingers. #emo

Today’s Untz: Sunlight / Bag Raiders

‘don’t you know that / when I see your face / it’s like sunlight dripping’

OK OK a little light hearted untz to shake off that darkness and step into the sunlight of the weekend. Disco rhythms, smile inducing lyrics, and a laissez faire feel, the song is dripping with summer. Keeping up with today’s Aussie theme, this dance duo from Down Under played what I heard was an all out epic show at Rickhaw Stop a Thursday back (think clothes ripped off and beer showers in a good way). I am kicking myself for not catching them at my one of my favorite venues, but I know my workday on Friday appreciated my discretion. Next time. #untz