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lucky shooting stars

29 Aug

Sun drenched, music drenched weekend. The best kind.

Today’s Emo: Lucky Now / Ryan Adams

‘and if the lights will draw you in / and the dark will take you down / but love will mend your heart / but only if you’re lucky now’

My feelings about Ryan Adams can be pretty hit or miss (and not just because he sold out in marrying Mandy Moore), but a couple of his songs– Come Pick Me Up and La Cienega Just Smiled— land on my top twenty list. He debuted this new track off his upcoming album, Ashes and Fire, due out October 11th, and it has landed in my hit bucket.

Lucky Now treads back to Ryan’s core strengths – stellar songwriting, beautiful vocals, and signature alt-rock with a tinge of twang rolled in. Basic, simple and fresh, the song relays those moments when you look back to who you were, and trace forward to where you are now, and marvel (perhaps uncomfortably) that you are the same person throughout it all. #emo

Today’s Untz: Shooting Stars / Bag Raiders

Shooting Stars

‘gave my love to a shooting star  / but she moves so fast  / that I can’t keep up’

I had the privilege of seeing this Australian duo shoot stars live on Friday night at the Mezzanine, and they left nothing to be desired. I have already shared my favorite track, Sunlight, but this comes in as a close second. A jingling keys intro shimmies into that elevator jazz rift, made complete with the catchiest of choruses. Catching myself still smiling over it all now. #untz


east sunlight

8 Apr

The head versus the heart.

Today’s Emo: Blood / The Middle East

‘and she’ll wake up in a cold sweat on the floor / next to a family portrait drawn when you were four’

Holy shit this is emo. In fact, if you listen to the words in Blood, it is arguably the most emo song I have yet to post. It is also one of the most beautiful, tracing the sad lineage of a sibling to a father to a grandfather, who has waited to die ever since his wife died because… ‘it was the only woman you ever loved / that got burnt by the sun too often when she was young / and the cancer spread and it ran into her body and her blood.’

Australian The Middle East creates such bone chilling songs with such a sweet sound, and this makes them all the more haunting. A song that lingers. #emo

Today’s Untz: Sunlight / Bag Raiders

‘don’t you know that / when I see your face / it’s like sunlight dripping’

OK OK a little light hearted untz to shake off that darkness and step into the sunlight of the weekend. Disco rhythms, smile inducing lyrics, and a laissez faire feel, the song is dripping with summer. Keeping up with today’s Aussie theme, this dance duo from Down Under played what I heard was an all out epic show at Rickhaw Stop a Thursday back (think clothes ripped off and beer showers in a good way). I am kicking myself for not catching them at my one of my favorite venues, but I know my workday on Friday appreciated my discretion. Next time. #untz