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1 Oct

Today’s Indie: Driftin / Y Luv

‘time was moving like it will often do’

Soothe / Y Luv

‘soothe my soul / with your eyes’

Los Angeles’ Y Luv released their new EP this morning, It Doesn’t Have to Make Sense. I have been transfixed with the indie rock/pop quintet originating from USC since I came across their song Keep it Rolling earlier this year, but it wasn’t until several solid plays of today’s EP that I have been able to pinpoint why: Y Luv has provided me with a version of emo for grown ups, delicious pop for a more educated palate.

When I listen to their music at present, I feel like I did when listening to a lot of pop songs I liked during the late 90’s and early 2000’s, songs that no longer have pull on me, but once carried great weight. They carry weight; they have captured some kind of sound in this music with its pulse and pulling vocals that has me reliving the heart wrenching intensity of first heartbreak, the stop the world feelings of first love. Not an easy feat. #indie/tory


keep it rolling

21 May

Today’s Indie: Keep it Rolling / Y LUV

‘can I just hold her now’

There is something infectious in the lead singer of Y LUV’s voice that pulls you right into their songs and keeps you there. I became reacquainted with the LA band of four USC graduates when a remix of one of their songs, Never Touch the Ground, was getting a lot of buzz on Hypem last week (for good reason) but ultimately landed back to listening to last year’s Keep it Rolling over and over and over. There is a Zelda score like sound to the slow intro, which gets cut by uptempo drums that gives the track a tap along, soaring kind of feel. Love it.

And because its Monday, that remix by Gazzo:

‘simply saying that I’m never coming down / we never touch the ground’

#indie / tory