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we’re up all night to get lucky

21 May

Today’s Indie: Get Lucky / Daughter (Daft Punk cover)

‘so let’s raise the bar / and our cups to the stars’

London trio Daughter take on Daft Punk’s first single off of Random Access Memories, and the result is an unlikely cover of anĀ inescapableĀ song. The hushed yet fierce vocals of Daughter’s Elena Tonra from the band’s BBC Radio One Live Lounge performance captivated my ears, like just about everything that she sings. As a bonus track, here is Atlas Genius’ take on the same tune.



one more time

29 Jun

Today’s Untz: One More Time (Dis:Aux Edit) / Daft Punk

Hey ya’ll I’m the East Coast and almost forgot to post a track… on a Friday?!?! Tha Fu*k? Sooo I’ll just post the jam I’m currently listening to.

A little Daft Punk with some Kurtis Blow? Yes Please! This has the untz and it has the funk. These are a few of my favorite things. #untz/tom