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outside lands roundup

9 Aug


In standard Outside Lands fashion the festival is going to kick off to a blistering high of 57 degrees in Golden Gate Park today. Layers, layers, layers. Here is  a roundup of some of the  weekend’s best to warm up with before we head into fog.

Landfill / Daughter 

‘will this is torturous electricity  / between both of us and this is / dangerous, ’cause I want you so much / but I hate your guts’

Open / Rhye

‘I’m a fool for that shake in your thighs / I’m a fool for that sound in your sighs’

Slow Show / The National 

‘you know I dreamed about you / for 29 years before I saw you / you know I dreamed about you / I missed you for, for 29 years’

1904 / Tallest Man on Earth

‘and now something with the dirt is just different / since they shook the earth in 1904’

Late Night / Foals

‘they said I swam the sea that ran around / they said I once was lost but now I’m truly found’

#indie / tory


we’re up all night to get lucky

21 May

Today’s Indie: Get Lucky / Daughter (Daft Punk cover)

‘so let’s raise the bar / and our cups to the stars’

London trio Daughter take on Daft Punk’s first single off of Random Access Memories, and the result is an unlikely cover of an inescapable song. The hushed yet fierce vocals of Daughter’s Elena Tonra from the band’s BBC Radio One Live Lounge performance captivated my ears, like just about everything that she sings. As a bonus track, here is Atlas Genius’ take on the same tune.



5 Apr

Today’s Indie: Medicine  / Daughter

‘you could still be what you want to be / what you said you were when you met me’

In this week’s This American Life podcast, one of the contributors, Andrea Seigel, tells a story about how she has spent her life wired to experience ecstatic brain tinging sensations when she hears soothing voices and sounds because of a biological phenomenon known as ASMR. Random, I know. But I love how she describes the sensation she experiences: “I’d get this tingling throughout my skull… like starbursts in my head, starbursts that open on the crown and then sparkle down to the nape, like this warm glittering water rushing under your scalp.”

While I don’t have any sharp heightened brain activity around sound the way it sounds like folks with with ASMR do, I am lovingly familiar with the more subtle influences it can have on my psyche: a rolling wave of calm, an induced deep breath, a longer-than-usual blink to recharge the eyes and soul. The beautiful vocal’s of Daughter’s Elena Tonra have such an effect, and the melancholy sound of Medicine highlights them at their finest. I continue to be transfixed by this British English folk trio since I came across the wonderful song Candles a couple Christmases ago.

Since it IS Friday, I will also share the remix that brought me back to this track in the first place, a great spin by Chainsmokers.

Bonus Track: Medicine / Daughter (The Chainsmokers remix) 


mystery candles

21 Dec

‘Tis the season to be jolly, frost sugar cookies, hug the family, realize that two glasses of eggnog is immediately one too many and switch back to red wine, sit around the fire playing cards, and unplug a bit. And then dance one’s face off to ring in the new year. Happy holidays to all.

Today’s Emo: Candles / Daughter 

‘just a young heart confusing my mind / but we’re both in silence / wide-eyed ‘

Sorry for such a wistful melody amidst all of this holiday cheer, but look no further than today’s untz to warm you right up, and let this beautiful track settle into your winter bones. I came across Daughter via Daytrotter, and was instantly bewitched by singer Elena Tonra’s whispy sliver of a voice and her tale of letting yourself take whatever you can get from someone you know you can never really have, even though you are old enough to know better. Elena’s voice reminds me of some of my favorite female vocalists, and Candles strikes me like Kate Nash’s Nicest Thing or Cat Power’s take on I Found a Reason. And don’t worry, whatever tragedy that caused such a beautiful mess has lifted –Elena is dating her guitarist. #emo

Today’s Untz: When I’m With You / Mystery Skulls 

’cause when I’m with you / I never get enough’

Found this gem via blahblahblahscience, and they put it so simply and so well: ‘Mr. Skulls’ top shelf synth pop jam “When I’m With You” just became your new favorite song.’ It doesn’t hurt that the sound perfectly matches how I feel. Repeat repeat repeat. #untz