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odd look

24 Jul



Today’s Untz (ish): Odd Look / Kavinksy feat the Weeknd

“Odd Look ft. The Weeknd” is the new single from Kavinsky’s EP “Odd Look”. Grab the vinyl here : bit.ly/i3l9q7  Get his album “OutRun”, on iTunes : po.st/OUTRUNitunes

high for this

30 May

Today’s Indie: High for This / Ellie Goulding (The Weeknd cover)

Ellie Goulding covers the Weeknd’s High for This, and just like Couer de Pirate’s cover of Wicked Games, its a door closer, candle burner, light dimmer kind of song. Ms. Ellie has come a long way from being afraid of the dark. #indie / tory

pirate doves

16 Nov

Little time for music this week as I have started reading this little series you may have heard of called The Hunger Games, and suddenly am totally unable to pry myself away from hundreds of pages of young adult fiction… some hybrid of Twilight minus the vampires, Harry Potter minus the magic, and Survivor except with teenagers as the contestants who are fighting till the death a la Lord of the Flys. God help me.

Today’s Emo: Wicked Games / Coeur De Pirate (The Weeknd cover)

‘bring your love / baby I can bring my shame / bring the drugs / baby I can bring my pain’

Coeur de Pirate (French for Pirate Heart) is a Canadian born singer named Beatrice Martin. Beatrice hails from Quebec and sings mostly in French (check out Les Amoures Devouees, delightful gibberish to my ears), but she puts her dirty pirate mouth to work on this cover of The Weeknd’s Wicked Games in Ingles. It is brilliant to hear such a gentle, soft voice emitting such gritty language, and while I imagine her singing it with a smirk on her face, she carries the somber tune with sincerity until the very end, when we catch a glimmer of giggles. #emo

Today’s Untz: Mother Protect / Niki & the Doves (Goldroom remix)

‘I used to follow you, follow you for days / I slept beside you, just shadows away’

I have been lusting over this song on Hypem all week only to discover yesterday that the remix artist Goldroom is the main writer for my new blog crush, Binary. New as in I have only just become acquainted and started devouring its content new, the blog has been around for some time now. Highly recommend, as with this track. #untz