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st. ides heaven

13 Aug

Trey Ratcliff - Burning Man (331 of 1086)-X2


Today’s Untz: St. Ides Heaven (Goldroom cover) / Elliott Smith

“Very happy to finally announce that Goldroom’s next release, the Embrace EP, will be out on Sept 9th! To celebrate, I’ve recorded a cover of one of my favorite artists, Elliott Smith. Its a free download if you just follow the link. To coincide with the EP release, we’ll be going on a two month LIVE tour of North America with the full band! Check our tour dates tab for more information about that.

I tried my best to do a beautiful song justice with this cover. Elliott Smith was one of our greatest songwriters, and thats something thats lacking at times in dance music. If nothing else, I just wanted to bring him into my world a little bit and look at the song from a different angle. I really hope you like it, and if you do, please share it with someone else. Cheers.” – Josh aka Goldroom

crickets, jewels & sapphires

20 May



Today’s Untz: Crickets (Viceroy Remix) / Drop City Yacht Club

Jewels & Sapphires (Goldroom Remix) / Owl Eyes

What a wonderful day here in the city of San Francisco. It’s sunny and warm outside and we’ve been space blessed with releases from both Viceroy and Goldroom. And since they recently played here in the city together I figured I’d highlight both tracks.

Both are ripe for good weather and good times. Whether that’s on a sunny beach,  in a sunny park, or a decked out school bus chillin on the side of a San Francisco street. Enjoy! #tom


only you can show me

5 Mar


Today’s Untz: Only You Can Show Me (feat Mereki) / Goldroom 

As a long time Goldroom fan (musically and when he contributed often to his blog/label Binary Entertainment) I can honestly say I’ve always loved everyone of his productions or remixes.

I’ve been to LA a number of times, but every time I listen to him I swear I feel like I’ve lived there for years. And I’m not talking West Hollywood. I’m talking everything that’s great about LA… warm weather, palm trees, sunshine, beautiful people, good vibes… His music just oozes with it.

I’m planning on catching him here in SF soon with Viceroy. I’m pumped to check out his live setup. “Only You Can Show Me” instantly seems like a song that will make the transition to a live band seamlessly especially with that percussion.

Mereki, featured on this track, happens to be a part of the live show as well. If the pictures Goldroom loved to put up on his blog say anything she’s surely just as attractively LA as her voice is beautiful. I’m  looking forward to this one. #untz/tom


5 Nov

We’re headed to Southeast Asia for hot a minute. I’ll be taking everything in while I’m there, but alas, I will also be listening to music. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to occasionally share some tunes. Here are a few I’ve enjoyed lately… Hasta Luego #untz/tom

Holy Ghost! – It Gets Dark


Amtrac – Those Days (Viceroy Remix)

Goldroom – Fifteen (Final DJS When We Were Young Remix)

back seat

29 Oct

Today’s Untz: Back Seat (Goldroom Remix) / Atlas Genius

Goldroom released a free track today! Out here in SF it’s a comfortably warm 70 degrees and this song has me in high spirits after a terribly slow Monday.

In all serious though I’m thinking a lot about my family and friends on the East Coast. I know they’re getting slammed so I’m sending positive vibes through positive tunes. Go away Sandy! #untz/tom


18 Jul

Today’s Untz: Pacific / Goldroom

As Josh Legg, aka Goldroom, so eloquently put it… “‘Pacific’ is definitely the soundtrack to slowly flying over the open ocean, so throw some headphones on let it all wash over you.”

I had first heard of Josh a ways back when I discovered the Binary Label blog that instantly had me captivated by what they called Dreamwave. He was part of the trio called NightWaves who were among the many artists I discovered both through the label and through their suggestions of other producers/bands that encapsulated that sound.

This has always been the kind of music that inspires an overwhelming sense of beautiful imagery alongside the summery soundscapes. In fact, it’s one of the reasons I like posting pictures alongside the music I post. Goldroom’s tunes specifically can instantly transport you to another dimension on some far off tropical intergalactic beach. It’s a beautiful thing. #untz / tom

fifteen in the sierras

5 Jul

Today’s Untz: Fifteen (Rotkraft Remix) / Goldroom

Goldroom’s ‘Fifteen’ has been out for sometime, but after hearing this version/seeing this video I wanted to feature it. I mean it’s summer and there’s love in the air. Breathe it in and enjoy your short time on this earth.

I’m headed to High Sierra Music Festival this weekend up in Quincy, CA so hopefully I’ll have some fun updates from there when I get back. I listen to all types of music from bluegrass to intergalactic unicorn disco, but as far as electronic related music, I’m pumped for STS9, Lotus, and Papadosio. I’ve seen everyone, but Papadosio. Have a safe weekend TUATI readers! #untz/tom