weekend plane

16 Sep

Bring on the weekend.

Today’s Emo: Weekend / Class Actress

‘you make me late for work / you make me late for church / so hard to leave’

Fall arrives with more sultry, female driven, smooth laced indie in tow. Class Actress’ Elizabeth Harper has stolen my airwaves along the likes of Lana Del Rey, causing me to re-evaluate my usual allegiance to the smokey male vocal. There is something delightfully sweet wrapped up in this electro-pop jam without being too syrupy, and I find it instantly and appropriately slipping me into weekend mode. The track is off  Class Actress’ new album, Rapproacher, out in October. #emo

Today’s Untz: Big Boys Don’t Cry / Aeroplane

Aeroplane posted this track, and a short message, in response to the accidental death of French-born DJ Mehdi. “Hi all, I’m not good with words. But somehow since Tuesday I couldn’t think right and something needed to get out. Music being the only medium I know how to use, here it is. It’s called ‘Big Boys Don’t Cry.’ Once again, my thoughts go out to all my friends who are going through hard times right now.”

A horn blowing intro leads us into something less tangible and more celestial with tingly dripping notes, amidst sinister whispers of ‘big boys don’t cry’ interwoven throughout. While crafted in response to tragedy, there is also a sense of celebration in the sound. #untz


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