so shake it

19 Sep

Epic weekend. Epic tunes. Short post.

Today’s Emo: Shake it Out / Florence + the Machine

‘but I like to keep some things to myself / I like to keep my issues strong / it’s always darkest before the dawn’

There’s my girl. Florence Welch is back after a shaky start with the release of What the Water Gave Me. This lead single from Halloween’s upcoming album, Ceremonials, is the stirring, magical, wake me up sound I expect from Florence + the Machine.

Perhaps it is a bit cliche to utilize the “it’s always darkest before dawn” adage, but it fits right into a track about choosing to finally shake off your demons, face the night, and move on into the morning. I know, I know… #emo

Today’s Untz: Feel So Close / Calvin Harris

Feel So Close / Calvin Harris

‘and there’s no stopping us right now’

The softer side of untz… it is really hard not to like this song. Calvin Harris needs no introduction, and his track is happiness, movement and cuddle inducing. Pleased to have. #untz


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