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11 Apr

We are packing up and driving down to the desert in the wee hours of tomorrow morning to experience the phenomenon that has become Coachella. In hot anticipation (and in spite of the forecast for cooler weather and potential showers) here are five of each of our must hear artists down in the valley. We will be back next week with plenty to share. xoxo

Coachella Indie:

Saw You First / Givers ~Friday 2:15p Mojave~

‘I know there’s light inside because I saw you first / it was in a dream’

Intro / M83 ~Friday 10:15p Mojave~

‘we were the lights, the the deserts, the faraway words / we were you before you even existed’

Coeur d’Alene / The Head and the Heart  ~Saturday 4:40p Mojave~

‘oh the things people will do for the ones they love’

Holocene / Bon Iver ~Saturday 9:30p Coachella~

‘I could see for miles miles miles’

Cosmic Love / Florence + the Machine ~Sunday 9:45p Outdoor~

‘I took the stars from my eyes, and then I made a map/ and knew that somehow I could find my way back’


Cochella Untz:

Roche / Sebastian Tellier (Breakbot remix) ~Breakbot Friday 2:30p Sahara~

Shuriken / Madeon ~Friday 6:35p Sahara~

The Night Out / Martin Solveig (Lenno remix) ~Saturday 6:10p Sahara~

Wildfire / SBTRKT ft. Little Dragon ~Saturday 10:15p Gobi~

Hold On / Rusko (Sub Focus remix) ~Sub Focus Saturday 11:40p Mojave~



only the music

9 Apr

Today’s Indie: Only the Horses / Scissor Sisters

‘and if this is the end / the best place I’ve ever been’

Scissor Sisters have fallen off my radar for a while now, but instantly grabbed my attention with this new single off their upcoming album, Magic Hour. There is a bit of untz in today’s indie because the track is traceably produced by Calvin Harris with some help from Boys Noize’s Alex Ridha. So cheery, so catchy, wild horses couldn’t keep me away. The perfect Monday morning fix. #indie/tory

Today’s Untz: Can’t Live Without Music / MAM

‘they can take my life, but they can’t take my pride/ they say music died, but they lied’

As I’m gearing up for Coachella this week, I think it makes sense that I post a song relevant to not just a festival, but to music in general. Music is art. Music is life. I can’t live without it and wouldn’t want to imagine a world without it.

MAM, which consists of producers Matt Hughes and Miguel Campbell, brings us today’s track appropriately titled, “Can’t Live Without Music.” I instantly am reminded of Daft Punk. The house and funk sounds in this sexy, funky tune remind me specifically of “Something About Us.” I don’t think there is much you can say after that comparison… the ultimate compliment. #untz/tom

twin solstices

6 Apr

A wintery tune to hopefully help grace us with some spring snow up in Tahoe this weekend. Snow and then sand… 7 days.

Today’s Indie: Winter Solstice / Cold Specks

‘you put your hand over your chest / swore that the fire would rage’

The Winter Solstice: the longest night, the shortest day. Thinking of it feels offbeat as we get closer to summer with each day and extra minute of daylight, but Cold Speck’s song has the perfect icy chill to cause you to take pause. Slower songs like this can take a while to settle into you–multiple listens, several days, some time away — but when they finally do it is that much deeper. Canadian turned Londoner Al Spx (real name) has released this slow burning ember of a song off her upcoming album, I Predict a Graceful Explosion, out May 22nd. As if explosions could go any other way. #indie/tory

Today’s Untz: Strange (original mix) / Adana Twins

Hamburg Germany’s duo the Adana Twins released a smooth and sexual deep house tune a month ago. It’s a pretty hard task taking on a Doors track, but they absolutely crushed it. I could see this being played in a number of situations, but the best time that comes to mind is in the wee hours of the morning “when you’re alone” and “people are strange.” If you dig this type of music, I’d get used to hearing this track. Massive. #untz/tom

talkbox carousel

4 Apr

With just nine days to go, Coachella fever has settled into my brain, rendering me incapable of thinking of anything beyond the sun drenched desert valley echoing with seemingly never ending music. Fittingly, music will have to serve as a distraction until we head down south. Counting the hours.

Today’s Indie: Where Have You Gone / Carousel

‘I’ve been thinking about that time where we would stay up til the sunrise / if I said I want it back would you meet me with the same eyes’

Boston’s Carousel has released a great track to push through the midweek wiggles, Where Have You Gone, a song about a love that has slipped through your fingers, and all the thoughts that accompany the question of if you could get it back. Regretful and uncertain lyrics are juxtaposed with a colorful, hopeful sound, and the result is bewitching. These days seem long, where have you gone? #indie/tory

Today’s Untz: Talkbox Intended / Gramatik

Gramatik just released his new EP, Digital Freedom, today for free. Whereas a lot of his older stuff is much slower and more hip hop influenced, this is six tracks of straight heat. He addresses this on his Facebook: “Also, I just wanna say one thing to those who know me only by my chilled out hip-hop beatz: don’t be scared when you hear this EP, my true fans know that I’m nothing if not versatile. Good music is larger than one genre so just open your mind, absorb the vibes and you’ll be versatile too! : ) Don’t you just love that word?”

I have been eagerly waiting for this release ever since I saw him here in SF at The Independent which was a great show. He, along with Michael Menert, posted a youtube vid promoting the tour that included the track, “Talkbox Intended,” featured here today. Well we finally have the finished product so check it out and download the EP. As he mentions, open your mind and absorb the vibes. #untz/tom

chromatic return

2 Apr

Today’s Indie: The Page / Chromatics

‘and if you love me like you say / take this book and burn a page / the rain will wash away the ashes’

I came across Chromatics via their cover of Neil Young’s Into the Black, and am now settling happily into their original work. I love the contrast of hard guitar and soft vocals, layered with synth. The Page is off the Portland band’s recent release, Kill for Love– their first album in five years. Not sure what they were doing all that time, but glad that they have resurfaced. #indie/tory

Today’s Untz: Return of the Mack / Mark Morrison (Viceroy “Jet Life” remix)

Viceroy, the man who reps summer time all the time, just released his eagerly anticipated remix of “Return Of The Mack” by Mark Morrison. First off, the original song is one of the greatest songs of all time. Viceroy, in typical fashion, turns this classic into an anthem that is perfectly suited for tropical weather, sunshine, and sheer happiness. It’s exactly why I was initially attracted to Viceroy when I first heard him some time ago.

It’s also a plus that he’s based right here in San Francisco. Perhaps living in a city which doesn’t actually have a summer has inspired him to created music that brings about that happy feeling associated with warm weather. Unfortunately, I missed my chance to see him this past Friday with another favorite of mine, Plastic Plates although I’m sure I’ll have another. The next time I won’t take so kindly to my previously scheduled plans. For now, along with all of you, I’m gonna enjoy this fresh tune. Happy Monday. #untz / tom