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a rainbow

17 Aug

Today’s Untz: A Rainbow / Up Until Now

Jay Murphy, David’s younger brother (David being aka Murph – bassist/bass bomber of STS9), played an immensely enjoyable and highly dance-able set at ReGeneration (06/25/11). I am not sure how many times they played together, but they were having so must fun up there together and were smiling ear to ear. This was shortly after David had gotten his cancer all-clear and they both were loving life and it showed through the music.

Up Until Now is mostly Jay’s production with live contributions from his older brother (and probably some helpful studio feedback), and he sometimes uses a studio drummer. It looks like Jon “The Barber” Gutwillig from the Disco Biscuits is going to join them on guitar for a couple of dates in the NE soon.
At any rate- here’s the bandcamp link for free downloads including the whole ReGen set:   Website:

flowers in your hair

17 Aug

Today’s Indie: Flowers in Your Hair / The Lumineers

‘and I hope it’s not too late cause you’re so attractive / in the way you move’

A short and sweet post of a short and sweet song by the lovely Lumineers. The Lumineers are no strangers to TUATI — this marks their forth appearance — but hey when I like something I really, really like it, and musical discovery has been light this week.

I am already pining for a new album by the Denver trio, but instead will have to get by by catching a live set at this fall’s Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival over in Golden Gate Park. If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. #indie/tory

animal kingdom

15 Aug

Today’s Indie: White Sparks / Animal Kingdom

‘with these white sparks when we’re together and its all so clear’

Oh indie love songs, you had me at the stars. With a subtle yet driving beat, smooth vocals, and a simple ‘I see lights in your eyes’ kind of chorus, Animal Kingdom’s White Sparks has me smitten from ear to ear. I came across the North London trio in The Rickshaw Stop’s weekly concert update email, where I saw the tagline ‘”Achingly beautiful celestial indie…will have Sigur Ros quivering with envy.” — NME.’ Doesn’t take much more to catch my eye or ear, and I spent the rest of Tuesday morning deeply embedded in said beautiful celestial indie from the band’s new album, The Looking Away. Check out their show with Atlas Genius on August 23rd.

PS – if you want to read the heartwarming story of today’s animal kingdom photo friends, look no further than here. You’re welcome. And a bonus track, because it was too hard to just pick one. #indie/tory

Strange Attractor / Animal Kingdom


15 Aug

Today’s Untz: Catch/ The Egg

The Egg are a band well known to festival audiences, having played many UK festivals including Glastonbury and The Big Chill as well as Rustlers Valley (South Africa) and also in Holland, Switzerland (Montreux Jazz), France, Turkey and Ibiza. They also did a stint here in the US back in 2008 when I was lucky enough to catch them 3 times. Once in Baltimore, once in Chicago, and once at Camp Bisco in upstate New York.

Recently the band’s third album ‘Forwards’ has seen a more reflective slower sound, but also in places heavier and rockier than anything before. Also more of a psychedelic warmth holding different eclectic influences together. However, live, the band have kept their full on dance and festival style fully intact, with a full interactive film and video synchronised show. This is a track I’ve seen live that will be on their upcoming album ‘Something To Do.’ I can’t wait! Here’s to hoping a US tour follows! #untz/tom

Bonus Video Live At Camp Bisco:

knew you well

14 Aug

Today’s Untz: Knew You Well (Eight Bit Tiger Remix) / Cultfever

Eight Bit Tiger is an electronic dance duo from Chicago composed of the Widman brothers, Erik and Kent. The experiment began 15 years ago when the brothers started playing music together in a bedroom in northern Sweden and has mutated into a radioactive sonic isotope. Eight Bit Tiger is a new side project from their indie rock band Love in October.

“We have been gravitating to making dance music the past year and we wanted to get a fresh start with a new sound, so it made sense to us to start a new project”

Most of their music I’ve listened to is heavily influenced by 80’s style synths with a touch of some 70’s funk. I’ve liked most of what I’ve heard. This new remix certainly has a reggae vibe to it that I’m loving. It adds a harder yet summery feel to the original which is great too. Tory wrote about the original back in October before I started contributing although you can see my influence starting to creep in. #untz/tom

Let’s pretend that we are on a space ship
And I was given just one lowly envelope.
And we intuit what this guide will make us
As a rule we know we’re never going home.

caribbean girl

13 Aug

Today’s Untz: Caribbean Girl / Mario Basanov

This track is almost 3 years old but who cares. It’s a perfect summer electronic jam and I intend on feeding my Caribbean heart  all that it desires. I’m in the midst of traveling so enjoy the track. I’ll be back the next two days with some newer tunes. #untz/tom

the tallest man on earth

13 Aug

Today’s Indie: King of Spain / The Tallest Man on Earth

I never knew I was a lover
Just cause I steal the things you hide
Just cause I focus while we’re dancing
Just cause I offered you a ride

Sometimes you need the right setting for a musical discovery to take hold as it should. Today’s artist was reintroduced to me while setting up for my big sister’s wedding on Friday. We were sweating in Oregon August heat, hanging up strings of lights, and sneaking in an afternoon beer when Tallest Man on Earth came on the speakers we were testing. I had heard of Tallest Man on Earth a half dozen times but had never taken a moment to really listen to the guy, but something about heading into a weekend of such celebration and friends and family in my hometown caused me to take pause and let it sink in.

What a delight; TTMOE has the kind of sound that finds you fully grounded in the present while somewhere else entirely at the same time. I found myself listening to the rest of his songs all weekend, and my dad had to pop in himself to find out who this “Bob Dylan soundalike” I had been listening to was.

And since this is becoming the Longest Post on Earth, here is a bonus track from the Swedish singer-songwriter’s new album, There’s No Leaving Now. And a photo of my nephew getting his untz on at the reception Saturday night. It runs in the family.

Criminals  / The Tallest Man on Earth

‘come see the hiding in rain / come see the stillness in all them ones’

#indie / tory

return of the mack

8 Aug

Today’s Untz: Return Of The Mack (Augustin Remix) / Mark Morrison

Ahh another ridiculous remix of the 90’s classic ‘Return Of The Mack.’ I recently featured a remix from Viceroy which had a heavy tropical vibe. Of course that’s his MO.

Augustin who hails from the Czech Republic, lays down some mouth watering synths that certainly have a summery vibe to it as well. Some of the sounds make me think of a steel drum mixed with drum pads. Shit it fire. #untz/tom


8 Aug

Today’s Indie: Sleepless / Tropics

‘when the sun gives off its morning light / you’ve still got sleep in your eyes’

Running Man / Tropics

Ah this is the fun part of blogging. My friend Eric is in a band! And they are good!  Providing lush indie folk rock with a San Franciscan twist I think (unbiasedly, of course) the group is on to something here. With Claire George’s crisp, birdlike crooning and a moveable melody, I can picture waking up to Sleepless on a Sunday morning and rubbing my own sleep out, while the band takes a more fierce while still easy on the ears approach with their track Running Man.

“Fueled by a never ending supply of red wine and peanut M&Ms, Tropics are currently playing shows in San Francisco, and planning to record their debut album this coming fall,” says the quintet. Excited to check out their frist show next Tuesday, August 15th at the Boom Boom Room. $5 at the door… join us. #indie/tory


7 Aug

Today’s Indie: Chained / The xx

‘did I hold too tight / did I not let enough light in’

The xx have delivered a beautiful, uneasily moody track that I have had on repeat all morning alongside my steadily refilled coffee. While the trio’s earlier track, Angels, highlighted Romy’s voice, it is nice to hear her vocals alongside Oliver’s again; like so many of their earlier songs you can almost taste the heat in their duet.

Like Angels, Chained lacks the club inspired vibe we were told to expect in the new album, but I am loving it, getting lost in the sound in similar fashion to their debut album’s Infinity. Chained is off the band’s upcoming album, Coexist, out September 11th. #indie/tory