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work the beat

19 Oct

Today’s Untz: Work That Beat / PH Groove

I’m still stuck at work so ‘Work That Beat’ seems like an appropriately titled track. The good news is that it’s Friday, I just put in my two weeks, and I’m gearing up for a run at Southeast Asia.

In his own words: “Electro Funk, Space Disco, Hi-Nrg/Italo is what influences the PH Groove sound. After years of steady djing in the local scene in Calgary I got my first sampler, Juno 106 and Korg i4 and started producing House music in 96 under my real name Peter Hecher. With a lot of interest, fun and a driving passion I soon got my first record deal on one of my favorite labels Aquarius/Stickman Records.

During the years I’ve had the privilege of being charted and reviewed by some of the top dj’s and producers in Mixmag, Muzik Mag, XLR8 and various dance magazines. As a dj i have opened for Richie Hawtin, Roy Davis Jr., Paul Johnson, John Howard, Inland Knights, John Selway, Tyler Stadius, Johnny Fiasco, FM Attack. I also run 2 labels, Tonite Records and Lunar Boogie.” #untz/tom

cause I been thinkin’ ’bout forever

19 Oct

Today’s Indie: Thinking About You / Jhameel (Frank Ocean Cover)

I didn’t know what to make of this whole Frank Ocean frenzy until I stumbled upon him breaking it down, hard, with Thinkin Bout You on SNL. Whew. His falsetto in the chorus is enough to cut through the toughest skepticism and buckle the most resolute of knees. The Bay Area’s up and coming pop prince Jhamel gave his own take on swoon inducer after asking his Facebook fans to vote for his next cover, and it came out great. It’s fun to hear the verses with a pop twist, and J’s own falsetto can (almost) give Frank Ocean’s a run for its money. Happy Friday to all. #indie/tory


18 Oct

Today’s Indie: Breakers / Local Natives

‘you’re breathing out only to breathe in / I know nothing’s wrong, but I’m not convinced’

Local Natives debuted a new track today off their upcoming sophomore album, Hummingbird, and it is awesome. A steady tap-tap-clap intro gives way to classic Local Natives soaring vocals, and the song has the kind of movement that pulls you right in with them. The lyrics speak a life perched precariously amdist the breakers: do you turn back to the safety of shore, or swim until you don’t see land?  Or just stay where you are and continue to get pummeled?

Hummingbird will be out January 29th via Frenchkiss, and if it is anything like this debut, I am stoked. #indie/tory

moonlight matters

17 Oct

T0day’s Indie: The Fear / Ben Howard (Moonlight Matters rework)

‘oh I will become what I deserve’

I apologize for my lapse in posts, but it has been a big week with Treasure Island Music festival, my birthday, and big announcements on their way. To make up for it here is a great ‘rework’ of Ben Howard’s The Fear done by Belgium’s Moonlight Matters, aka, Sebastiaan Vandevoorde. MM ups the tempo on the track, giving it a great pace and artful twists without undoing Ben’s original work. His retake on the song is reminding me of the subtle but skilled work of RAC.

I’ve been worrying that my time is a little unclear
I’ve been worrying that I’m losing the one’s I hold dear
I’ve been worrying that we all live our lives in the confines of fear

When I listen to this song it makes me want to do something, anything. Here’s to not living life in the fear. #indie/tory

lipstick & lace

17 Oct

Today’s Untz: Lipstick & Lace / Benoit & Sergio

“”Lipstick & Lace” leads off the New Ships EP by following a similar formula for Benoit & Sergio, laying woozy vocals atop protruding basslines to hypnotic ends. The track opens with what sounds like a gargantuan rubber band, as it strings out the loop that will underpin the six-minute song. Sergio’s vocals enter, as he sings to a partner on the dance floor about making moves, lipstick and lace. His voice, the song and its disco-inspired adornments are all tailored equally — and perfectly — to clubs and cars.” – npr #untz/tom

work that shit

16 Oct

Today’s Untz: Work That Shit / Xtrafunk

Here a smooth n groovy track to round out your day. I’ve still in search of my soul after two days of Treasure Island festival in SF. I was also able to catch John Talabot and Jamie XX Sunday night. Both were extremely impressive.

This track comes from a 29 year old German producer. Smooth at fuck. Work that shit. #untz/tom

PS. Happy Birthday to my other indie half!

another brick in the wall

12 Oct

Today’s Untz: Another Brick In The Wall (Laser Sex Remix) / Pink Floyd

In their own words: “When Laser Sex creates music, we like to picture someone at the grocery store going down the aisles arm swiping everything in their path in their shopping cart… except the groceries are musical genres and the shopping cart is beats. When we write our tracks we don’t ever really try to create a track that sounds like this or a track that sounds like that. We create music based on whatever we are

feeling at that very moment. This allows for a maximum amount of emotion poured into the creation process. We seamlessly integrate livetronica elements with a DJ element. We have sampled everything from Rage Against the Machine to Neil Young to Tears for Fears to John Butler Trio and beyond. We also live sample our instruments on stage so we can stack instrumentation to give the performance an almost orchestral feel. Our audiences have used words like “fresh”, “new”, “different”, and “cutting edge” to describe our music and performance… We tend to agree with them. Ultimately the only thing audiences can come to expect from Laser Sex, is to never know what to expect. (besides sore legs from dancing and sore cheeks from smiling). Hopefully you’ll come find out for yourselves.”
Feel free to stream and download their music for free at: #untz/tom