5 Apr

Today’s Indie: Medicine  / Daughter

‘you could still be what you want to be / what you said you were when you met me’

In this week’s This American Life podcast, one of the contributors, Andrea Seigel, tells a story about how she has spent her life wired to experience ecstatic brain tinging sensations when she hears soothing voices and sounds because of a biological phenomenon known as ASMR. Random, I know. But I love how she describes the sensation she experiences: “I’d get this tingling throughout my skull… like starbursts in my head, starbursts that open on the crown and then sparkle down to the nape, like this warm glittering water rushing under your scalp.”

While I don’t have any sharp heightened brain activity around sound the way it sounds like folks with with ASMR do, I am lovingly familiar with the more subtle influences it can have on my psyche: a rolling wave of calm, an induced deep breath, a longer-than-usual blink to recharge the eyes and soul. The beautiful vocal’s of Daughter’s Elena Tonra have such an effect, and the melancholy sound of Medicine highlights them at their finest. I continue to be transfixed by this British English folk trio since I came across the wonderful song Candles a couple Christmases ago.

Since it IS Friday, I will also share the remix that brought me back to this track in the first place, a great spin by Chainsmokers.

Bonus Track: Medicine / Daughter (The Chainsmokers remix) 



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