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18 May

Today’s Untz: Discuits / Poussez

Jafar & Maxime Cescau, aka London-based DJ/Producer duo Poussez bring us Friday’s track. Throw this one on early in your set or early in the AM because it’s a cosmic groover.

This song comes from the EP of the same name. It’s by no means new, but who cares. Take a listen, buckle up, and get ready for a smooth flight to the outer reaches of the disco cosmos. #untz/tom


redline graffiti

18 May

Editors note: today’s indie comes as a guest post from our good buddy and fellow music lover, Cyrus. This is his dog, Lily. 

Today’s Indie: Orange Stone / Redline Graffiti 

Generating a tasteful chillwave, electronica, and even at times lo-fi sound, the indie infused Redline Graffiti shines out of Washington D.C.’s Brookland. It is refreshing to hear a different type of sound come out of an area that has been predominantly focused on go-go, uninspiring rock, and hip-hop. The synthie vibes and carrying celestial vocals of ‘Orange Stone’ allow for easy listening, accompanied by supreme collisions of percussion that stimulate head nodding. And let us not forget about the guitars riffs throughout, which add that complimentary edge to this already moving melodic track. Keep up the good work Redline Graffiti, I’ll be on the look out for you! #indie / cyrus / therabidrelish

call me baby

17 May

Today’s Indie: Call Me Maybe / Ben Howard (Carly Rae Jepson cover)

‘I wasn’t looking for this / but now you’re in my way’

The best covers have the ability to totally transform a song to the point where the new version could stand on its own in its own right if the other never existed in the first place. If I had not already heard Call Me Maybe maybe several hundred times (mostly due to my own volition) and had come across this Ben Howard song I would think it a somber, slow and beautiful portrayal of the emotional perils surrounding potentially unrequited love. Heart piercing strings, rushed, hushed vocals met with pointed pauses, steady guitar… quite the departure from the third place finisher of the 2007 Canadian Idol’s deliciously buttery powderpuff of a pop song.

Howard debuted the cover on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge this week, and I love the sincerity he delivers it with, with only a hint of a smirk during the chorus. No maybes. #indie/tory

take off

16 May

Today’s Untz: Take Off (Bob Gravity Remix) / Axton Frick

Today I want to bring you a relatively unknown producer, at least in my musical world. 20 year old producer Bob Gravity could be my kid brother. The youth movement has been in full force in the last few years. I don’t know much about you Mr. Gravity, but your deep disco dance floor grooves are lifting me off the ground. Hit us up!

As for the track itself, the original is a slow groover while the remix is meant for a night out on the dancefloor. Enjoy folks. #untz/tom

kelly kissed a boy

14 May

Today’s Indie: Kelly / When Saints Go Machine

‘first time Kelly kissed a boy  / glow in the dark arrow in the heart’

Happy 90’s laced bliss beats to help you make it through Monday afternoon– When Saints Go Machine’s song has me picturing Kelly from the old 90201 gazing out of her bedroom window lusting over some hair gelled hottie of an earlier era. The track is off the Danish electro pop foursome’s second album, Konylie, out last summer. Really hard not to smile/foot tap along with this one…. pucker up. #indie

with you

14 May

Today’s Untz: With You Feat. Grovesnor / Flight Facilities

Flight Facilities have a brand new single called ‘With You’ featuring the Hot Chip drummer Grovesnor on vocals and it’s superb.

The Syndey duo has been all over the place since 2010’s single ‘Crave You’ which featured vocals from Giselle. They’ve also had tremendous success with fabulously done remixes from some of our favorites: Holy Ghost! and Cut Copy. And who can forget ‘Foreign Language feat. Jess’ in 2011. So needless to say, I’ve been eagerly anticipating this release which you can grab today!

There are a ton of really great supporting remixes too. Danny Daze does his thing per usual, but my favorite is the recently blogged about duo, MAM, which add an extra layer of oozing disco summertime boogie. The original and MAM remix will be on repeat for some time and I’m sure this track will soon be remixed by everyone and their mother because who could possibly  NOT touch this one. #untz/tom

what’s love got to do with el barrio

11 May

Today’s Untz: El Barrio (Lamar & Jesse Oliver Remix)/ A.N.D.Y. & Vicente /// What’s Love Got To Do (Zimmer Remix) / Tina Turner

It’s May 11th and you know what that means?!?! Absolutely nothing, but it is a Friday and I have two tracks that were released today. We’re rolling with the freshy tropical vibe today.

First up we have a new A.N.D.Y. and Vicente tune that runs strong with the beach and is giving some Nu Disco flare by Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver. Holy snyth bass batman. This one is just perfect for the dancefloor. I love the orginal tune, but this suits my Friday sunshine mood much more. The label, Discotexas (of Lisbon, Portugal) does it again. One of the best out there.

The second track is another remix that’s been blessed by the disco gods. A classic Tina Turner jam is given the horizontal disco treatment from Zimmer. If you don’t know this Parisian I suggest you visit his soundcloud page. TinaTURNUP!!! #untz/tom

pillow talk

11 May

Today’s Indie: Pillow Talk / Wild Child

‘when I sleep, I’m dreaming for you’

I have been riding the struggle bus full speed ahead all day, so this shall be brief but laced with the relief that comes with making it to 4:04 on a Friday and seeing the end in site. Here is a great little gift from Austin’s Wild Child filled with echos of love lost. Sweet, simple and a little sorrowful it may not be the best segue into the weekend, but that is what Tom’s posts are for. Happy Friday! #indie / tory

like christmas morning

9 May

I woke up to a Tweet this morning that The Head and the Heart had just shared another Chapel Sessions recording via the amazing, female driven blog from Colorado, Fuel/Friends. An impromptu Christmas morning! I could not be more pleased with what they recorded on this go. Here are my two favorites.

Today’s Indie: Gone / The Head and the Heart

‘take back your pictures / take back your letters / don’t send me no postcards telling me you miss me’

Gone is a wistful goose bump raiser live, and I have been trying to track down a recorded version of it since the band nailed it at Coachella this year. The song is signature THATH, with a woo-ing chorus, Jon’s soaring vocals, and the stirring up of longings you didn’t even know were buried in you. To call it sigh inducing would be putting it lightly.

Untitled / The Head and the Heart

‘but I remember days when money didn’t matter / I was building forts in swamps in the summer / and you were serving tea to the queen’

Untitled is another doozy, grabbing me in its first few lines and leaving me yearning for the simplicity of sleepovers on big trampolines in backyards under the stars and a life before commuting and Excel spreadsheets and heartache. There are some great harmonies here that I can’t wait to hear live met with beautiful rolling piano, and a riveting ending.  And I heard you say, look outside the sun is rising, every cloud in the sky gone. #indie / tory


9 May

Today’s Untz: Chateau (Country Club Remix)  / Housse De Racket

Today I want to highlight two up and coming DJ/producers from Australia. The two funky mates are Cassian and Shazam which make up Country Club. They tackle a Housse De Racket song and turn it into a house masterpiece ripe for the dancefloor. They’re on a mission my friends. In their owns words…

“Country Club has and always will be about raising awareness. The youth of today too often turn a blind eye to the practices of yesteryear. Chivalry is dead, Croquet participation is at an all time low, and collared shirts are virtually non-existent.

Country Club aims to bring to light these issues in society by speaking to the youth the only way they know how: dance music. As the fists pump and the pupils dilate they will unknowingly be absorbing an imperative message. The days following a Country Club “experience” will be full of introspection: “why am i so compelled to wear a glove on my left hand?”, “why am I so upset that the soup spoon is inside the tablespoon?”, “what does magnanimous mean?

The answer to all questions lies within, it is the power of house music, the mystery of the dance.”#untz/tom

Bonus Track: Fat Popa – Monkey Safari (Country Club Remix)