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15 Jun

Today’s Indie: Jamaica / Van She

‘we are just all animals / eating food making love to the music of life’

While we are heading down to the beaches of Cabo instead of Jamaica this morning, this song still feels like a perfect backdrop for our travels… sun kissed coconut drums, a sway to the rhythm beat, and breezy lyrics. I fell in love with Van She via their single Idea of Happiness, but after only a few listens, Jamaica already has me firmly in its grasp.  Trading in the computer for sand and margs — we will see you next week. #indie / tory


slow down

15 Jun

Today’s Untz: Slow Down / Poolside

‘Slow Down’ is Poolside’s first single from their debut album “Pacific Standard Time” out July 9th 2012. Featured here before, the Los Angeles based duo Filip Nikolic and Jeffrey Paradise are good friends who are inspired by California, mezcal, dancing, good food and wine. Their sound is called Daytime Disco.

It’s an appropriate song for the summer season and the video is perfect as well. So kick back, throw this tune on, and drift away. That’s what Daytime Disco is for. Off to Mexico for me. Cheers #untz/tom


13 Jun

Today’s Untz – Nala (Summer Best Pals Mix) / Edwin Van Cleef

Edwin van Cleef  is an electronic disco producer from Leeds, UK. His driving, cosmic tracks are perfectly suited for nudisco dancefloors. ‘Nala’ is no different. In fact, it’s a perfect tune for these upcoming summer nights.

His monthly mixes are always awesome and tend to feature many of the producers that we talk about here on this blog.

So I’m headed to Mexico this weekend and if by chance I come across some night time impromptu beach party with the sun setting, I’m gonna close my eyes twice, tap my heels and hope this track is played. #untz / tom

an offering

13 Jun

Today’s Indie: Offering / Ernest Saint Laurent ft. Tatiana Heintz (Capital Cities remix)

‘I’m like water / I’m touching everything’

I must admit that I hadn’t heard the original of this song until Capital Cities posted their remix of it on Facebook yesterday, but I am so am so glad that they dished this up in all its sultry perfection. The track holds a steady pace while still making me want to slow everything down, and the soft vocals have a kind of effervescent feel to them, singing of those times where your senses feel heightened and you are absorbed in every one of them, and someone else. I could picture this as the perfect backdrop to a blur of a movie scene like Black Swan’s little bit with Natalie and Mila. Mew.

I am going to see the boys of Capital Cities do their own thing at the Rickshaw Stop June 21st, and San Francisco folks this is not to be missed… they can turn a room in seconds. #indie / tory

blind pilot

12 Jun

Today’s Indie: One Red Thread / Blind Pilot

‘now at best we would make our dreams with something used’

I spent last weekend in the rain soaked hills of Northern Oregon to celebrate a high school friend’s wedding, and lost myself in the trees and fog and found myself back in love with the Pacific Northwest, despite my souvenir of a summer cold. Accordingly, I wanted to bring some Oregon back to the Bay, and am sharing one of my favorite bands from Portland, Blind Pilot, today. This is a group I fell in love with years ago, and while my love hasn’t spilled over in the same way for their newer music, I haven’t ruled them out yet. In the meantime, One Red Thread is off of Blind Pilot’s 2009 album, 3 Rounds and a Sound. The title track, while already shared on TUATI long ago, is also not to be missed.

3 Rounds and a Sound / Blind Pilot

‘now I see you, ’til kingdom come / you’re the one I want / to see me for all the stupid shit I’ve done’

PNW #indie / tory

signs of the civilised

11 Jun

Today’s Untz: Signs of the Civilized (Foxkit Remix) / Bravestation

Toronto based Bravestation is new to me today. I came across them and this sun soaked remix by Foxnit through Anoraak’s soundcloud likes. Ahh the way we find music…

At any rate, Bravestation’s genre is self defined as new wave ‘Quirky tribal pop tunes.’ They actually have an album out due this July. I’ll have to give them a solid listen as they are more geared towards the indie portion of this blog. Their original tune is really cool and I highly suggest checking it out. Go stream it here.

Ok on to the remix. Foxkit aka Chris Upton is a bass player/music producer currently playing bass for Mr. Little Jeans. From the looks of it he seems to be focusing more on his band, but man, he might have to give this a whirl. You can tell he’s based in LA with these dreamy synth lines reminiscent of something you’d hear on Binary’s Record Label. It’s got dreamwave written all over it and I for one, will be riding this wave straight into a dreamy sunset. #untz / tom

hot chip party

8 Jun

Today’s Indie: If I Was Your Girlfriend (Hot Chip Cover) / Prince   ///   Motion Sickness / Hot Chip   ///   Flutes / Hot Chip




So the indie extraordinaire and goddess of all things awesome is out of town up in the Pac NW gettin silly and listening to dAHnce music. That leaves me to fulfill the indie portion of today’s post.

So we have Hot Chip who’s new album ‘In Our Heads’ is due out on the 11th. They obviously have an electronic element to them so today’s post should come at no surprise. Have a great weekend. We’ll see you on Monday! #indie / tom


8 Jun

Today’s Untz: Stronger (Miguel Campbell Remix) / Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

A sweet sweet jam has been released upon us just in time for the weekend. Miguel Campbell’s remix of TEED’s track ‘Stronger’ is a fun groover with an addicting bass line. ‘Stronger’ is a great tune on it’s own. The video has been out for some time so it’s nice to hear a fresh take on it.

Miguel has been galvanized by the house music scene since the early 90’s and has also been a DJ since that time. In 2006 he founded his own label: Outcross Records and in 2010 he became the newest addition to Hot Creations. Both the Hot Creation label and Miguel have been on here before. Miguel is also part of MAM which features Matt Hughes.

The remix is due out on June 18th. Also don’t forget about TheUntzAndTheIndie favorite, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, who’s album, ‘Trouble,’ is due out June 12th. #untz / tom

she’s on fire

6 Jun

Today’s Untz: She’s On Fire (Maya Jane Coles Remix)

Bo Saris has made a modern but classical Motown track with slick vocals and soulful grooves which has also been remixed by Maya Jane Coles. She’s one of the biggest names in house right now who was just in town here in SF a week or so ago with Maceo Plex.

“Fans (and there are many) of Coles distinct brand of house music will instantly recognise her hand in the proceedings. ‘She’s On Fire’ is a certified dancefloor weapon, guaranteed to earn a permanent home in the best DJs boxes and soundtrack sunshine moments in bars and on terraces across Europe this Summer.”

I’m gonna go ahead and put this into my current list of favorite tracks of 2012. #untz / tom


6 Jun

Today’s Indie: Departure / Germany Germany

I love Germany Germany and was delighted to come across a new single by him this morning off his upcoming album, Blank Mind Empty Heart, out this July. Instead of washing the song with rain like in Take Me Home Tonight, Drew Harris wraps Departure with chirping birds… you can almost see the sunshine pouring in with its sound. While the word departure can evoke a sense of loss with leaving, this kind of departure feels like the good kind — off to the quiet, sun soaked sands of Mexico, or that feeling of releif that comes with getting away from something (or someone) you need to get away from. Looking forward to more next month. #indie / tory