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stubborn love

22 Jun

Today’s Indie: Stubborn Love / The Lumineers (live on KEXP)

it’s better to feel pain than nothing at all / the opposite of love is indifference

Like any new favorite band, The Lumineers have settled into my bones and stirred all the pieces in me that needed stirring. I really love these guys. Stubborn Love is a close second to my favorite track, Ho Hey, on their debut album, and has an age old tale to tell: love is not all rainbows and butterflies… it can be stubborn as hell, but it is so much better to fight through it than forsake it.

I can’t get enough of the Colorado trio’s wholesome, earthy, heartwarming sound and simplicity:

When we were young, Oh Oh, we did enough
When it got cold, Ooh Ooh, we bundled up
I cant be told,  Ah Ah It cant be done

Here’s to embracing the storm, together.  #indie / tory

last flight

20 Jun

Today’s Untz: Last Flight (Slow Magic Remix by Thomas Tonfeld) / Fabian

Thomas Tonfeld is a 30 year old German producer of worldwide electronic music who makes house and french electronic music. Last Flight, the first single from Fabian’s debut album ‘Say Goodbye’ came out last year so it’s nice to hear a new take on it.

Thomas Tonfeld slows it down a bit. He adds some spacey synths that certainly suite the summer vibe I’ve been feeling lately. Enjoy! #untz/tom

‘Every morning gotta say goodbye
I wanna thank you for last night.
I don’t remember what we said or did but
I will remember on my flight’


20 Jun

Today’s Indie: 1957 / Milo Greene

‘the scent you wear moves in lines / from your apartment into mine’

Los Angeles folk-pop band Milo Greene instantly caught my attention with first listen of their single, 1957, with a sound that ranks amongst the heavenly likes of The Head and the Heart, The Lumineers and Of Monsters and Men. The quintet is gearing up for their self titled debut album out July 17th after cultivating some serious buzz from their performance at this year’s SXSW.

The group has defined their sound as having “ethereal wisps of guitar, drums and vocals that are both calming and a call to action,” and I dig it and hear it here. 1957 captures that moment in life when someone is driving you absolutely crazy, and you wish you could stop the affect they are having on you, but you feel helpless:  ‘you act like you don’t know me / my god you tempt my anxious mind.‘ #indie / tory


15 Jun

Today’s Indie: Jamaica / Van She

‘we are just all animals / eating food making love to the music of life’

While we are heading down to the beaches of Cabo instead of Jamaica this morning, this song still feels like a perfect backdrop for our travels… sun kissed coconut drums, a sway to the rhythm beat, and breezy lyrics. I fell in love with Van She via their single Idea of Happiness, but after only a few listens, Jamaica already has me firmly in its grasp.  Trading in the computer for sand and margs — we will see you next week. #indie / tory

slow down

15 Jun

Today’s Untz: Slow Down / Poolside

‘Slow Down’ is Poolside’s first single from their debut album “Pacific Standard Time” out July 9th 2012. Featured here before, the Los Angeles based duo Filip Nikolic and Jeffrey Paradise are good friends who are inspired by California, mezcal, dancing, good food and wine. Their sound is called Daytime Disco.

It’s an appropriate song for the summer season and the video is perfect as well. So kick back, throw this tune on, and drift away. That’s what Daytime Disco is for. Off to Mexico for me. Cheers #untz/tom


13 Jun

Today’s Untz – Nala (Summer Best Pals Mix) / Edwin Van Cleef

Edwin van Cleef  is an electronic disco producer from Leeds, UK. His driving, cosmic tracks are perfectly suited for nudisco dancefloors. ‘Nala’ is no different. In fact, it’s a perfect tune for these upcoming summer nights.

His monthly mixes are always awesome and tend to feature many of the producers that we talk about here on this blog.

So I’m headed to Mexico this weekend and if by chance I come across some night time impromptu beach party with the sun setting, I’m gonna close my eyes twice, tap my heels and hope this track is played. #untz / tom

an offering

13 Jun

Today’s Indie: Offering / Ernest Saint Laurent ft. Tatiana Heintz (Capital Cities remix)

‘I’m like water / I’m touching everything’

I must admit that I hadn’t heard the original of this song until Capital Cities posted their remix of it on Facebook yesterday, but I am so am so glad that they dished this up in all its sultry perfection. The track holds a steady pace while still making me want to slow everything down, and the soft vocals have a kind of effervescent feel to them, singing of those times where your senses feel heightened and you are absorbed in every one of them, and someone else. I could picture this as the perfect backdrop to a blur of a movie scene like Black Swan’s little bit with Natalie and Mila. Mew.

I am going to see the boys of Capital Cities do their own thing at the Rickshaw Stop June 21st, and San Francisco folks this is not to be missed… they can turn a room in seconds. #indie / tory